Modernize Your Warehouse to Stay Ahead of the Competition

Today’s warehouses are seeing major increases in order volume and complexity. This increase means 76% higher volume of orders, 55% rise in the number of SKU’s and by 2028, 40% of parcels will be delivered in 2 hours! Can your mobile devices stand up to this increased business?

Yesterday’s devices were not made for today’s pressures

Legacy mobile devices (especially those running Windows mobile operating systems) are not made for the pace of e-commerce demands. Hidden costs like slower task completion, batteries that don’t last all shift and lack of replacement parts could be eating away at your bottom line.


Modern software is just as important as modern hardware

AbeTech can ease your transition from legacy mobile devices to Zebra Android devices. Our application development team can modernize and your warehouse software applications by redesigning and optimizing the screens you use most. You can take your old green-screen telnet applications and update them with easy-to-use icons and shortcuts to your workflows.

And it’s more than just apps! Our software modernization services include:

  • Native, web and cross-platform mobile application development

  • Rapid User Experience (UX) Prototyping

  • Technical Proof of Concepts (POC)

  • ERP Integration

  • Agile Project Management – coaching

  • Label printing design and development

  • Software installation & training services

  • Ongoing support

Android hardware, software and support all from AbeTech

Find out what it’s like to work with a premium integrator like AbeTech. We can guide you through the transition from Windows mobile to Android with demo hardware units to make sure your hardware upgrade is a smart investment. Reach out today to get started, and stay ahead of the curve in the modern warehouse.


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