Mobile Printing Solutions: Key to Productivity

The introduction of mobility in the enterprise has greatly improved productivity and reliability. Businesses with a highly mobile workforce should always be on their toes in order to provide employees access to important company data while making sure that sensitive information is protected. However, some organizations are missing out on what can make them even more productive; the integration of mobile printing in their daily operations. Although many companies are interested in making use of mobile printing technology, only 14% of these companies are using such technology according to research done by Quocirca.

The Uses of Mobile Printers

Business drivers and couriers are the most popular users of mobile printers. These direct store delivery (DSD) personnel use mobile printers to issue receipts and proofs of delivery to their customers. It is reported that the use of mobile printers has allowed field service operations to be more productive, with couriers and drivers able to serve more customers during their shift than when there were no mobile printing solutions in place. But mobile printers are not only useful in the DSD business. They can also be used for the following:

  1. Manufacturing. During inspection and quality control of manufactured goods, mobile printers are used for identifying samples. They are also used to label new materials that will be used for making good and for putting away for inventory.

  2. Warehouse and distribution. Printers mounted in forklifts and other similar vehicles are used to label items for picking up, putting away and shipping operations.

  3. Retail. Handheld printers are used for conducting in-aisle labeling, price auditing and creating price tags. These printers are also used to process payments and returns and the issuance of receipts.

  4. Hospitality. Mobile printers are used in hotels in order to speed up lines by printing bag tags and claim checks as needed. They also allow for quicker restaurant service as they print order entries and payment receipts.

  5. Laboratories, clinics and hospitals.  Mobile printers are used to label samples drawn for testing, patient name tags, and requests for lab work and medicine dosages for patients.

  6. Logistics and parcel delivery.  Mobile printers help speed processes and double productivity by improving documentation through notices for pickup and delivery, printing out postage that can be sold to customers in queue waiting for their parcel to be taken for processing, and labelling parcels to prevent distribution delays.

  7. Law enforcement. Save money through computerized ticketing with the use of mobile computers and printers. Printers can also be used to issue parking tickets and apply bar codes and labels to prove evidence collected in the field.

  8. Transportation. Mobile printers allow easy creation and issuance of tickets and boarding passes while in transit, print labels for passenger check-in and issue receipts for in-flight shopping.

Contrary to popular belief, mobile printers are not limited to the issuance of receipts. They can help speed up many work processes that can eventually lead to increased productivity and higher revenues for a company.

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