How Mobile Powered Workstations Improve Your Process and Increase Productivity

Want a new way to reduce wasted time and energy in the warehouse? One creative way to increase productivity and save time is by using a mobile workstation to consolidate your scanning, processing and label printing needs. Mobile powered workstations save workers hours of walking per day by bringing power, connectivity, and mobile devices to wherever they need it. The increased productivity gains and inventory accuracy means your mobile workstation will show ROI within 3-6 months.

Everything you need in one spot, on demand

Mobile powered workstations bring all the steps of your process to one location without wiring power or Ethernet cables. This type of freedom paired with 8-12 hours of battery power can be beneficial in these industries:
-Warehouse / Distribution
-Airports / Bus Depots / Train Stations
-Airport Security
-Hotels / Conference Centers

Load up your cart with a battery pack, mobile computer, wireless printer and scanner and all your tasks are right at hand. No more walking to the printer to get labels, walking to search for a missing device or battery bank, or walking back to a separate workstation to use WMS, ERP, MRS or other software: all of this and more can be completed right at the cart.

Better enabled workers means higher productivity

You will see an immediate increase in productivity as your workers won’t be spending valuable time and energy walking around the warehouse for different tasks. Plus, there is no training or additional cost necessary since mobile powered workstations use the equipment you already own.

A valuable, smart investment

Realizing the ROI with these workstations, the only question that remains is why every warehouse isn’t using them. Newcastle has found that one user per year saves an average of $11,440 in labor costs or 520 work hours. This means you see a return on your investment in an average of 3-6 months for one shift.
Check out our product page on Mobile Powered Workstations for more information.

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