Microscan is now Omron Microscan!

When accuracy is a must, you need a partner who has the experience and technical expertise to make error-free manufacturing and operation a reality. Omron Corporation has acquired Microscan Systems, bringing extensive lines of control components and equipment to Omron Microscan’s robust line of vision system hardware and software.

Whether you’re a manufacturer with customer satisfaction or safety in mind, or a lab whose products save lives, attention to detail and quality control are a must. Omron Microscan designs data acquisition and control solutions including:

  • Bar code reading / automatic identification

  • Bar code verification

  • Machine vision systems

  • Print quality inspection systems

  • Handheld and fixed-position imagers

If your process requires custom solutions, Omron Microscan has the experts to package their products with custom firmware, electronics, optics or mechanics for your unique needs. Their engineering team will help increase your efficiency and optimize your processes. In addition, AbeTech will be there every step of the way to answer any questions you may have and suggest the best products, services and support.

Track, trace and control with ease

Omron Microscan has machine vision scanners and readers that pair well with AbeTech’s Industrial Equipment hardware offerings. With Omron’s large patent portfolio, and Microscan’s vision software to back it up, Omron Microscan is sure to have what you need to track, trace, and control your lines.

MicroHAWK Smart Cameras

The MicroHAWK line of smart cameras are the smallest smart cameras in the world. Machine Vision technology and automatic identification help drive costs down and reduce waste. Everything is included: optics, processor, lighting, communication and the WebLink User Interface. Plus, the modular design and three form factors (MV-40, MV-30 and MV-20) mean the MicroHAWK series fits all your location, placement, counting, presence/absence or OCR tasks.

LVS® Bar Code Verifiers

High-speed barcode reading and quality inspection will ensure the accuracy and data integrity of your labels. AbeTech can equip your label printer with a quality inspection system such as the LVS-7510. If regulatory compliance and quality requirements of your labels has been an issue for you in the past, the LVS-7510 is a perfect solution. With the LVS-7510, you’ll get error notification, accuracy and data integrity, validated system applications, database archive and connectivity as well as barcode verification and trend graphing.

Superior software for superior analytics and automation

Along with top-of-the-line hardware solutions, Omron Microscan also pairs their products with intuitive, plug-and-play software that give you superior analytics tracking for label accuracy and quality. Omron Microscan imagers feature AutoVISION Sensor Software as well as Omron Microscan’s Visionscape® Software. The AutoVISION software is what you will need for basic to mid-range vision applications including location, measurement, counting, presence/absence and color tools. Visionscape is the completely scalable, comprehensive software solution that allows for advanced development and deployment of machine vision applications. When automating critical manufacturing processes with Omron Microscan’s software, you’ll see efficiency and productivity skyrocket.

Let Omron Microscan’s auto ID and machine vision work for you

If you need better tracking, quality, and control of your product lines, reach out to AbeTech today. We can suggest the best Omron Microscan products and software for a variety of industries: ­

  • Packaging & Labeling

  • Electronics Manufacturing

  • Life Sciences & Medical

  • Factory Automation

For more information and complementary products, check out our Industrial Equipment and Systems page.


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