Making Your Business Faster

Cisco’s newly announced “CRS-X” core routing technology is double the speed of anything else currently on the market and that’s a pretty big deal. Why? Core routers are named as such because they sit at the core of the internet. When you search google for anything, all of those results are being transmitted to you via a core router somewhere.

You might think “That sounds neat, but I already get my search results pretty quick, so how will this make a difference for me?”. In this article from CNN Money, it mentions the CRS-X being able to stream every movie ever created in about a minute or the entire Library of Congress in a split second. Those things sound pretty fantastic as well, but they probably still don’t really apply to you either. To point out how this could affect you, I’m going to use just two words:

Cloud computing.

You’ve seen lots of posts here in the blog about tablets lately. One of their prime features is that they are extremely mobile partially because there is no need to lug around a large internal hard drive. How is this achieved? The Cloud, of course! This can refer to your own company’s private servers or maybe you’ve contracted with one of the many companies now offering cloud services, like Microsoft, Amazon or Google.

Either way, when your employees are in the field using a rugged and fast tablet, the Getac F110 for example, you are not truly getting the most out of that that powerful tablet if the data your employee needs is slowed down somewhere between them and the cloud. By speeding up the core technologies that make up the internet, Cisco is helping all of us, your company and ours, access the data we need faster and more efficiently, helping us in turn be more productive and profitable. In the end, isn’t that what we want most from our digital tools and services?

If you’re not already taking advantage of the amazing opportunities that tablets represent for many companies, contact AbeTech and we’ll help you find out how you can start utilizing the cloud today!

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