Maintaining the Production Data Flow from Mobile Devices – Part 1

A manufacturer who uses mobile devices to monitor the production line certainly appreciates the importance of maintaining this mobile data flow. Interruptions to data collection can easily lead to serious production disruptions. When the cost of lost output and wasted employee hours are considered the case for taking preventative measures is irrefutable.

The Mobile Device Management Challenge
Developers of solid device lifecycle management solutions require much more than a good technical knowledge of mobile data collection. They must also have a thorough understanding of relevant hardware and software options plus extensive field experience configuring systems to meet specific process needs. Few management solution providers can aspire to meet these demanding criterions, and no one can match the professionalism and quality customer service AbeTech offers:

  • Almost a quarter of a century of solution design and implementation experience

  • 20,000 system installations in the USA

  • Successfully automated manufacturing processes for over a quarter of the Fortune 500 companies

  • Employs engineers with an average of seven years industrial experience and IT backgrounds

Adjusting the Solution to Meet Each Customer’s Needs
One of the strong points of the AbeTech team is their skill at tailoring mobile data management solutions to meet each customer’s precise needs. Obviously it is tempting to offer generic solutions but while these may work they frequently fail to provide the security and reliability levels each client deserves.

Quality solutions need to be built upon a thorough analysis of the manufacturing process. The information and understanding gained enables designing an optimum device management implementation with a long-term management strategy.  Next week we'll discuss AbeTech’s Three Phase Management Solutions.

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