Want Lower Printing Costs? Choose Zebra Certified Supplies

You may not realize it, but your business spends three to ten times the cost of your printer on printing supplies every year! Printing industry studies consistently show this as the typical cost multiplier for enterprise printing requirements.
However, the true cost of your printing supplies can be much higher depending on the quality of the supplies you purchase.
The quality of your printing supplies impacts printer uptime, workforce productivity, customer service quality, and total cost of ownership, which can add up to far more than the cost of your supplies alone.
Lower-quality labels and media cost less up-front, but inevitably lead to these common issues:

  • More wear and tear on your printhead and costly printhead replacements because you have to use excessive print darkness to compensate for lower quality labels and/or the wrong materials

  • Disruption of your scanning operations and reprinting labels because some of your labels can’t be scanned

  • Added time and cost of IT or your end users having to read manuals or make support calls to troubleshoot problems

  • Increased daily monitoring due to a frequent need to adjust printer settings to maintain print quality due despite label quality inconsistencies and printhead health

  • Slower response times in your business and erosion of customer service quality

The bottom line is that you might save some money on your up-front supplies costs, but you end up costing your company a lot more than you’d otherwise spend.

Zebra Certified Supplies

One way to do this is to buy official, certified labels and media, like supplies from Zebra. Zebra Certified Supplies are designed specifically to help you get the most from your Zebra printers and minimize your long-term supplies costs as well as total cost of printer ownership.
You will pay a bit more up-front due to the superior quality and consistency of Zebra’s supplies, but you’ll save considerably over the long term due to Zebra’s rigorous certification and pre-testing processes.
This quality process includes merciless testing for scannability, printhead wear, adhesion, and resistance to environmental application conditions such as low and high temperatures, sunlight, abrasion, and chemicals.
Certified supplies mean your labels will always:

  1. Print properly

  2. Adhere properly

  3. Scan properly

If you like the idea of saving money for your business and avoiding the downtime and headaches of labeling issues and costly printer servicing, contact AbeTech now to learn more about Zebra-certified supplies.

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