Leveraging Technology to Prepare for the 24/7 Supply Chain Challenges


As warehouses, distribution, and logistics companies begin operating around the clock, learn how leveraging the right technology can make the transition seamless

Transitioning to a 24/7 operation can feel like an insurmountable task. With more people shopping online then ever before, and perks like free shipping becoming an expectation rather than a benefit, the demands on warehousing and transportation companies continue to grow. To meet these demands, many are now embracing the challenge to expand operations 24/7. But rather than being a test for teams, some are actually experiencing benefits by utilizing the right technology.

Incorporating Zebra’s powerful lineup of devices to increase asset visibility and enable smarter workflow management could be your secret ingredient to a seamless transition. Learn how these devices mitigate the specific challenges of expanding operations.

RFID For Picking Accuracy

As your operation expands to 24/7 active hours, the time between assets arriving and departing will likely drastically decrease. This could easily lead to the opportunity to increase volume. But with increased volume and movement rates of assets, the potential for human error also goes up. This is where an intelligent inventory management system comes in.

Having an intelligent edge that ensures picking accuracy will prevent human error, ensure shift changes don’t impact productivity, and enables smart deployment of your workforce. Utilizing cutting edge RFID scanning keeps your assets going to the right destination at the right times.

Tools like Zebra’s MC3300 mobile computers puts the best-in-class RFID scanners into the hands of your workforce. With the MC3390R / MC3390xR devices boasting extreme distance reading, your team won’t be shuffling assets or requiring ladders to know exactly where each item is resting. Being more accurate will also increase productivity as each shift can know exactly where the previous shift placed an asset.

Increase Viability to Protect Productivity

Empowering day and night shifts to monitor and track exactly where every asset is within your facility is a critical step to keep productivity high 24/7. If you’re taking the lead to a round-the-clock workforce, make sure you are receiving the full benefit of the added hours. Don’t allow downtime or inventory mismanagement to cut you short.

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