Join AbeTech at the South Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show

AbeTech is always looking for ways to push the AIDC industry forward by sharing our 25+ years of industry experience. One of the best ways to do that is meeting face to face and building long term relationships. May 10, 2017, Abe Tech will be showing off some new technologies and discussing cutting edge supply chain and logistics solutions at the South Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show & Conference in San Antonio, Texas. We’d love to see you there!


American made and American supported

This year we are sharing our booth with American Microsystems LTD (AML) and The Data Collection Center. Both AML and The Data Collection Center were founded right here in the United States, just like AbeTech! Something all three companies have in common is our commitment to exceptional customer service. Since we are working in the US, you know support is only a call away.

Three companies, three complementary solutions

When you visit our booth, you’ll see a wide variety of software and technology designed to make your business processes run smoother, more accurately, and more cost effectively. AML is excited to present a brand new mobile computer—the Scepter—at this year’s show. The enterprise-grade device is ready for Android 6.0 Marshmallow, uses a 47-key backlit keyboard and can survive up to 5 foot drops. The stand out feature of the Scepter is its brilliant 5 inch color, LCD, capacitive touch screen display—the largest display in the industry for a pistol-grip equipped device.

The Data Collection Center are your warehouse management software professionals. They will be showcasing their Idyllic Warehouse Management System. For real-time data collection with no elaborate system infrastructure required, you can’t beat the Idyllic WMS. You can customize the system yourself or have The Data Collection Center professionals design the transactions for you. Customize the level of support to fit your company’s unique needs.

AbeTech is proud to display some of our industrial automation solutions in our booth. Industrial Equipment & Systems from AbeTech include Marking/Coding, Automated Labeling, Fixed Mount Scanners/Readers and Automated Inspection Systems. Efficient identification and traceability of goods are at the heart of our industrial automation offerings and when coupled with our professional services, AbeTech can be the single source for your marking, labeling and product inspection needs.

See you in San Antonio

So what are you waiting for? Register for the South Central Texas Manufacturing Trade Show & Conference today. Booth 252 is the booth to visit to learn more about AbeTech and our two innovative partners—American Microsystems LTD and The Data Collection Center—headquartered right here in the USA. 

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