Is Your Printer Manufacturer Listening

When was the last time you felt that a corporation listened to your feedback and created a product based on your thoughts? I mean, really listened. Has it ever happened to you? I think most people would answer “No.” to that question.

It might interest you to know that if you are a customer who uses Zebra printers, and have contacted them in the past about what you liked or wanted to see improved about their Z series bar code printers, that you may very well be able to answer “Yes!” to the above question!

That’s right! Zebra have updated their Z series printers and rather than simply sending it to product design team as most companies would, they instead looked closely at the feedback they’ve received on their previous designs and took those suggestions to heart when they created the ZT220 and ZT230 printers.

Rather than build printers that excel at one thing and underperform in other areas, Zebra worked very hard to create an all-around excellent printer that is versatile enough to seem equally at home in light industrial, hospitality, medical or retail environments. The small physical footprint makes it easy to fit in wherever it is needed, without edging out other important tools or getting in the way of your workers. The rugged, durable design means that they will keep costs down by minimizing maintenance and repairs. The outstanding throughput and precise printing quality ensures that your printing needs are met both efficiently and accurately. These are machines meant for high performance requirements.

When it comes time to choose the bar code printers that your company relies upon to conduct business, wouldn’t you rather go with a company that listens to your feedback and designs the appliances that their customers need? Contact AbeTech today, because we listen, too! Together we’ll find out if the Zebra ZT200 series printers could be the perfect fit for your business!

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