Is your network all that it can be

Wireless networking. Just a decade ago, barely anyone had a wireless network. Two decades ago they were nearly unheard of outside of a few specialized industries. Today, how many offices, warehouses, factories or stores are without them? Not many. In a recent episode of the hit CBS show The Big Bang Theory, series lead character Sheldon is stuck in a clothing store and laments “What kind of store in the 21st century doesn’t have wi-fi?” You might have even experienced this same frustration.

When it happens while you’re out shopping, a lack of wi-fi is an inconvenience. When it happens in your business, it can be losing you money.

Less than a decade isn’t a lot of time for most people, but in the world of technology it might as well be an epoch. It has given rise to a whole host of technologies. New devices, new connections, new ways to combine it all. The speed with which the world has adopted these new technologies has left a gap between the use and the knowledge of them. There simply has not been enough time for those who are involved in maintaining these new networks to learn everything that they need to know about them to keep them running as efficiently as possible.

That’s where AbeTech comes in.

We’ve partnered with some of the leading names in wireless technologies, names like Zebra and Cisco, to ensure that we have access to best-in-breed hardware and software so that we can stay on top of the wireless game. We work with companies to ensure that their wireless infrastructure is as reliable as possible and making recommendations where necessary for updates that will make their workflow faster and more efficient. In today’s world, data collection and productivity are of the highest priority, regardless of whether you are in the retail, distribution, manufacturing or healthcare industry. If you haven’t made your wireless networks a priority as well, you stand to lose a lot of money.

AbeTech can help you simplify the complexities of integrating your wireless networks and devices together, to maintain the high level of efficiency your company needs to succeed, and to help keep you racing ahead of the competition! Contact us today and find out how AbeTech’s industry leading experience can make your company connect to customers like never before.

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