Is Security a Concern for Your Company

Is physical security a concern for your company? If it isn’t, it should be. Every year, millions of dollars are lost to theft, corporate espionage and simple employee incompetence. If one of your workers is messing around in an area that they shouldn’t be, they could be costing you money. That is unacceptable, especially when the solution is so easy!

The most obvious way to restrict employees from accessing areas or sensitive data is to do so physically. Put up a door! Maybe station a guard outside of it who can stand there during all working hours, only allowing those in who are authorized to be there.  This option can be costly, however, which is why very few companies utilize this anymore. The best option is much smaller, easier, much more cost efficient and you probably already utilize this technology in your daily life.

When you go to use the ATM, what’s the most important thing to remember? What do you use for most of your personal purchases? What gets you free drinks at your favorite coffeehouse?

Little plastic cards, that’s what.

They can contain a wealth of information about the wielder, give access to funds or balances, store loyalty points or identify someone who is not where they should be.  Cards are everywhere and everyone has at least one. This means that they require virtually no training for employees because they’re already accustomed to their use and they’re so easy to create that they make the ideal means of access management.

There are lots of different systems that you could use to scan those cards, from the familiar magnetic stripe readers to the more advanced touchless, wireless scanners, but the actual printing of the cards is always the same and there’s only one company with the industry-leading printer for them. I’m talking about the Zebra ZXP Series 3.

Zebra is a world leader in task-specific printers and the ZXP Series is yet another example of why they hold that title. With high-speed, high precision printing of cards on a variety of media, Zebra shows how easy it is to create ID and security access cards for the corporate world, gift and loyalty cards for the retail world and with a few options it can even create financial cards!

Are you doing what you can to secure your company’s assets? Contact AbeTech today and find out what steps you could be taking to ensure that you are.

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