Interest in Consumer Devices Slipping, as Rugged Takes Off

A recent Motorola Solutions – Enterprise Segment Value Added Reseller Survey found some potentially exciting responses about the future of consumer devices vs. rugged mobile computers. Motorola is optimistic. Here are some of the survey highlights on the decreasing use of consumer devices in Industrial environments.

  • Mid-way through 2014, the adoption of consumer devices appears to be decreasing and their advantage in the marketplace over rugged devices may even be disappearing. Customers are now seeing the vulnerabilities of consumer devices and realizing the total cost of ownership (TCO) is higher than for rugged mobile computers.
  • Consumer devices are seen as lacking in application availability and durability, as well as having a higher TCO.
  • Resellers and customers alike are now more aware of the shortcomings of consumer devices.
  • Interest in consumer devices was at a high in the summer of 2013, and has been falling ever since.
  • Consumer devices continue to be deployed in customer-facing or fieldwork environments, but their use in rugged environments has proven unsuccessful and continues to lose ground to rugged mobile computers.
  • Customers are using Android devices with more frequency, as its open operating system and acceptance in the consumer phone market is swelling in popularity.

In this newsletter, you can read even more about the importance of choosing the right rugged mobile computer for your business and how that choice can have a serious impact on productivity and TCO. With businesses everywhere seeming to realize consumer devices have limitations in many environments, is it time to think about why a rugged device might be the best solution for you?

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