iFactr Leading Application Modernization

The iFactr Enterprise Platform is the industry leader in rugged modernization. As the only platform available that allows you to leverage your existing application investment, iFactr is the ideal solution for modernizing rugged device applications.

iFactr features two unique value propositions: Compact Framework Modernization for native Windows Mobile/CE applications, and Telnet Modernization for terminal emulation applications.

For the first time in over a decade, there is fragmentation and disruption in the rugged device OS ecosystem. Microsoft has broken backwards compatibility with their next generation Windows Embedded 8 handheld devices, while OEMs have also released devices running other operating systems (Android, iOS). iFactr is the only solution that lets you run the same code on all modern platforms (Android, iOS and Windows) as well as the devices currently in production (Windows Mobile, Windows CE) from a shared .NET codebase. By delivering 60% - 85% code re-use, iFactr greatly reduces the time and effort required to modernize applications, while simultaneously leveraging your existing development team’s skillset and expertise.

Given that rugged devices are built on consumer-based operating systems, they face support challenges that include frequent OS updates and fragmentation. iFactr provides future-proofing for your applications, letting you support the devices of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

iFactr is focused exclusively on the rugged device application ecosystem and has developed shared abstractions for bar code scanning, Bluetooth printing, threading, logging and more. In addition, iFactr has released a plug-in that allows you to develop Compact Framework applications from Visual Studio 2012 and 2013.

With the iFactr Telnet Modernization Engine, you can replace legacy text-based green screen applications with a rich, modern GUI. You can enhance functionality, aggregate back-end systems, streamline user experiences and provide localized versions. You can also experience immediate productivity gains for seasonal or temp workers, reduce training time and error rates, and increase workflow efficiency with a modern, touch-enabled UI. What’s more, clients have leveraged iFactr Telnet Modernization to drive WMS optimization, upgrade in-store systems, and much more.

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