If 1D Is So Great Why Make 2D Codes

In the previous blog entry, I told you that everyone needs the ability to scan 1D barcodes because we all use them every day and I meant it. If it’s true that 1D barcodes are so awesome, why did we need to make 2D versions?

The short answer is: We need more information!

The 1D barcode has been around for 40 years and it has served its intended purpose extremely well. Billions upon billions of products are packaged, shipped, delivered, scanned into inventory, scanned at the checkout and purchased by the end consumer every day and that is thanks in large part to the venerable 1D barcode format, but what if you want to be able to scan in more information in a smaller space? The traditional 1D format may be an inefficient way to do so. Thus the 2D scanning code was created.

One of the most ubiquitous formats for the 2D code is typically referred to as a QR (Quick Response) code. You’ll find these matrix barcodes in advertisements, hidden in images or on signs urging you to learn more online using your phone. By utilizing applications on your phone (which can be either native or obtained through your operating system’s app store of choice), you can scan these QR codes which will take you to a website where you might be treated to a video of the product in question, product specifications or other information. If you have a smart phone with a bar code scanning application installed, go ahead and scan this QR code:

If you did it correctly, it should have brought your phone’s web browser to the AbeTech page for 2D scanners. This is an excellent tool for helping your customers obtain more information about your products, quickly get needed support or it can contain a whole host of other bits of information. You probably noticed, though, that between the time it took you to take out your phone, launch the application and your web browser launched, it seemed like a bit of a slow ride. This is because your phone is not a dedicated 2D scanner, it simply has that added functionality using your built-in phone camera. With a dedicated 2D scanner, you would be able to read dozens of 2D codes in the time it took your phone to do the same job.

If you are thinking about branding your products or advertisements with 2D matrix codes, or are already doing so, you need industry leading technology to quickly and accurately read those codes. Once again, AbeTech has you covered! Check out just a few of the 2D scanning devices available from our top of their class partners on our 2D Scanners page or contact us today and find out how AbeTech can help you move from the world of traditional bar codes and into the second dimension!

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