How many scans does it take

How many scans does it take to get to the center of your company’s product line?

Okay, so that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it as the Tootsie Pop ad, but it’s a far more important question for your business than how long it will take you to get to a piece of hard candy. If you’re in the supermarket business, an employee at the checkout counter scans on average as many as 14,000 barcodes in a single work shift. An employee in a fast-moving shipping warehouse might walk around and hand-scan as many as 5,000 items before heading home for dinner. That’s a tremendous amount of barcodes to capture.

Could you imagine writing down the product numbers for 14,000 different products in a single day? Hard to believe that the business world ever got by without barcodes. Now they’re everywhere and found on virtually everything. If your business creates, ships or sells products, you know how indispensable they are.

This means that you and your workers need the tools necessary to scan those thousands of barcodes every day without fail. Tools that can go wherever the work might be without letting down those who use them for many hours. As illustrated above, a failure to be able to scan products could result in thousands of products not being shipped/sold/created and I’m sure you’re already imagining what that could do your company’s bottom line.

Enter the Zebra LI4278. A lightweight handheld scanner capable of reading virtually any 1D barcode with a battery that just won’t quit. Up to 72 hours on a full charge, which amounts to 57,000 scans before recharging. 57 thousand! The rugged design ensures that the occasional accidental drop to the warehouse floor isn’t going to stop the workflow and it’s so easy that it requires little to no training of any kind. Zebra has leveraged the latest and greatest in optical imaging technologies so that barcodes can be read from nearly any angle and from up to 3 feet away.

All this means that you have a barcode scanner designed to maximize uptime, lowering your total cost of operation (TCO) and keeping your employees focused on their workflow, not losing your company money in costly repairs, fiddling with confusing controls, or struggling to accurately scan products as they go. Are you already using the Zebra LS4278 or DS6878 handheld scanners? To make the LI4278 even more cost effective, it is designed to use the accessories you might already have for those other models!

Have you ever thought about how many scans your workers perform each day? If you’ve ever actually counted them, let us know in the comments below how many it was!

If you think the Zebra LI4278 might be the right tool for your company’s scanning needs, contact AbeTech today and we can help you determine how many scans it will take to get the center of your business plan!

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