Don’t Run The Race Alone: How IIMAK Keeps You On Pace For Success

Despite your business moving at the pace of a professional sprinter, AbeTech looks at partnerships with the mentality of a marathon runner. Like athletes take care of their bodies, our partners need to produce products of quality and reliability. They need to stay current with techniques and strategies, just like athletes look to their coach for experience and advice. Our partner, International Imaging Materials Inc. (IIMAK), has the intelligence and endurance required to run marathons with our clients.


Blazing a trail through innovation


IIMAK is a manufacturer of printing, imaging and marking consumable supplies. From their headquarters in Amherst, New York, and other offices around the globe, IIMAK serves needs for thermal transfer ribbons and related products. When purchasing ribbon supplies from AbeTech, chances are you’ll be using some of these top-quality IIMAK products.
IIMAK blazes the trail for productivity, efficiency and logistics for companies who need the most reliable and accurate barcode applications. Since planting their roots in thermal transfer ribbon technology (securing an exclusive license in North America in 1983) IIMAK grew to differentiate through innovate service enhancements for OEM and reseller customers.
Thermal Transfer Ribbons from IIMAK come in wax, wax/resin, resin, near edge, or color options for reliable, low maintenance printing in a wide range of applications. This variety of thermal transfer ribbons from IIMAK allows AbeTech to provide barcode solutions to even the most innovative and ambitious businesses.


Certified quality, no matter the application


IIMAK works with a variety of applications from automotive, chemical and durable goods, to flexible packaging, healthcare and logistics. This might sound overwhelming, but we’re used to it. AbeTech’s professional services staff and technicians have the depth and breadth of experience necessary to handle any job. IIMAK always has the solutions we need to create the perfect package for our clients. Plus, regulatory compliance is of utmost importance to IIMAK, so you can be sure your thermal ribbons are certified for UL Standard 969, FDA Title 21 and BS 5609.
The Clean Start® patented printhead cleaner is an example of the way IIMAK innovates and keeps your processes running smoothly. Regular preventative maintenance doesn’t have to be costly or time consuming. Clean Start can significantly cut down on the amount of printheads your company will purchase each year. AbeTech would be happy to share more information with you on how Clean Start and other IIMAK solutions can bring cost savings and efficiency to your company’s work flow.


Ready, set, print


Clients of AbeTech can be sure only the best business partners are behind the scenes providing the solutions you need. IIMAK is an innovative, supportive company dedicated to staying ahead of the curve and providing their clients efficient, certified and proven printing, imaging and consumable product solutions. You’ll never lag behind the competition when you take advantage of AbeTech’s partnership with IIMAK.  

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