How Empty Carts Are Costing You Money

Four trillion dollars in sales will be abandoned in 2014. Find out how your company can help turn some of those empty carts into profit.

Optimizing your supply chain logistics. Real time tracking of shipments and product locations. Increasing your inventory management efficiency. These phrases are things you hear all the time in the business world. Maybe after a while, they kind of blur together and all sound like salesperson speak in your ears and you start to wonder if all that is even as important as they say it is.

Those things are incredibly important, and I’m going to give you a number to prove it: $4,000,000,000,000.

Yes, that’s the correct number of zeroes. Four TRILLION dollars worth of merchandise purchases will be abandoned in online shopping carts in 2014, according to estimates by BI Intelligence. 58% of the shoppers they surveyed gave “Shipping costs made the total purchase more than expected.” or “I was not ready to purchase but wanted to get an idea of the total cost with shipping for comparison against other sites.” as their top answers for why they chose not to buy those online items.

Do you see the opportunity there?

Now go back to the top paragraph of this post and read those first three sentences. Those concepts suddenly take on a new meaning, don’t they? If you and Acme Corp both make the same item, whichever of you has been optimizing your supply chain logistics and making your inventory management more efficient enough that you’re able to bring down the cost of your item or your shipping by even a single dollar has a significantly higher chance of getting that shopper to hit “Buy” than smashing the “Empty Cart” button and ordering from the other company.

That’s why it’s essential to be equipping your workers with the very best technology for the job at hand. Maybe a great handheld like the the Honeywell Dolphin 99EX could help bring down costs in the warehouse. Perhaps a rugged tablet like the Zebra ET1 will help your office workers track products in inventory and make your sales team more efficient. Whatever the case may be, you owe it to your business to listen when someone reaches out to help your company rise even higher.

Contact AbeTech today to find out how the right tools in the right hands can help your business build toward ever-greater success.

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