How Cold Environments Impact Mobile Devices

Many mobile computers, scanners and vehicle mounted computers are advertised as “rugged” or “durable,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re built with specific parts, materials and manufacturing processes optimized for cold environments. Here are some of the things to look for when purchasing a device to be used in cold conditions.

Consequences of cold environments

Anywhere you interact with a device— such as the screen, optical ports, or keys—can be impacted by frost in cold environments. This can lead to lower productivity and higher error rates.

Condensation makes a device unusable in the same way that frost does, but when you start to see condensation inside a device (under the screen or even internally in the housing) real trouble is ahead. Internal components can short-out, corrode or outright fail from moisture build up.

The way refrigerated areas are designed is to keep cold air from escaping. This can also impact RF signals, so if you will be moving from inside insulated areas and back out again, it’s a good idea to have a technician onsite determine the impact this will have on your devices.

These devices go from cold to hot and back again


AbeTech has experience providing hardware, software and service to companies using mobile computers, scanners and tablets in cold environments. Here are three devices from Honeywell created with cold temperatures in mind:

Honeywell Granit 1981i scanners from Honeywell are IP65 rated with rugged, industrial durability. The scanners can operate in temperatures as low as -4 °F and even colder when paired with the heater accessory.

Honeywell Thor VM3 is a vehicle mounted computer with a touch panel designed for cold storage and use with gloves. Mount one to your forklift or work truck and move in and out of cold-storage areas with ease.

If you want the best of a mobile computer and a scanner, check out the Honeywell CK75 Ultra-Rugged Mobile Computer for your cold storage environment.  The device features an internal heater which is impressive considering the device weighs 31% less than comparable ultra-rugged devices.

AbeTech can help you decide which devices are right for your specific working conditions. Reach out to a specialist today to find out more ways AbeTech can increase efficiency and productivity with the right hardware, software and services.

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