Honeywell XL Labels: Protect the Environment and Your Bottom Line

At AbeTech we are always looking for innovative ways to save you money and increase efficiency in your operations. We are a resource aware company, so whenever possible we also find ways to decrease your environmental impact without sacrificing quality. Honeywell XL Thermal Transfer Labels have a thinner liner that will save you money on your label media costs, all while being a greener printing alternative.

Download our Honeywell XL Label spec sheet. 

A more cost-effective label option

The 4” x 6” Thermal Transfer Labels come with a thinner liner which means you get 50% more labels per roll (1500 vs the standard 1000). That’s 500 more labels per roll! For every ten rolls of labels you buy, that’s a bonus of 5000 labels.

The 3” core and 8” outer diameter rolls have a reduced weight compared to other options which means Honeywell XL Labels are easier to handle and will decrease your shipping and freight costs as well.

Increase the efficiency of your operations

Will your printer be able to support these new Honeywell XL Labels? Odds are they will! These environmentally friendly labels are compatible with most major brand printers including Honeywell’s PM43 series printers or Zebra's ZT400 series, Xi4 series and ZT600 series printers. You won’t have to worry about purchasing and installing new printers, so integration will be a snap.

When you print thousands of labels a day, you know that ribbon change-overs can be a pain. The increased labels per roll of the Honeywell XL Labels cut down your label changeover time by 33%. This means increased efficiency and productivity from your workforce.

A greener printing alternative

With all the new shelf space in your warehouse, your other media might get lonely! Honeywell XL Labels are smaller than other thermal transfer label options. Less room taken up in your warehouse means more efficient operations and a lower overall footprint. 

Plus, Honeywell XL Labels have 6000 rolls per case compared to a pervious limit of 4000 rolls per case. You won’t have to order labels as often or change rolls as frequently as before, so you cut back on packaging and waste. Future generations will benefit from the reduced impact on our environment.

For more information on Honeywell XL Thermal Transfer Labels, reach out to an AbeTech representative today.

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