Honeywell is a Partner in Innovation

AbeTech partners with Honeywell, a leader in technology across the globe. We are suppliers of Honeywell scanners, mobile computers and vehicle mounted computers.
Honeywell has been innovating for 125 years with its roots in the very first thermostat. In 1953 Honeywell presented the classic T-86 “Round” thermostat which revolutionized thermostats forever. This design is easily recognized in homes across the world.
Honeywell develops products and services in many industries including aerospace, automation smart technology, performance materials and technologies and efficient transportation systems. AbeTech leverages Honeywell’s technology solutions.
About our Honeywell solutions:
The Honeywell Granit family of scanners are built for the toughest conditions. The screens are bright for easy data interpretation and they even offer a vibrating response for efficient scanning. The devices can scan in close or far range, can withstand drops on concrete and are dust and water resistant.
Vehicle Mount Computers:
The Honeywell VMC is flexible and innovative. With a lightning fast processor, bluetooth connectivity and wireless capability, this is meant for real-time accuracy.  The computer can be separated from the power supply for portability.
Mobile Computer:
Honeywell mobile computers are high-powered solutions for logistics and transportation. The device has advanced capabilities including wireless connectivity, GSM to CDMA switching and motion
Company Values
AbeTech values partners with an overall commitment to its employees and communities.
Honeywell is a company with those values. The Honeywell Hometown Solutions is a program devoted to volunteerism and community enrichment. The program emphasises the area of science, math, families, housing and shelter, habitat and conservation and humanitarian relief.
The company is loyal to sustainability. The company met and exceeded its goal to decrease global greenhouse gases by 30% and increase energy efficiency by over 20% by 2011. Since 2010 Honeywell buildings and facilities have created over 2,100 sustainability projects.
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