Has this Ever Happened to You or Your Company

Odds are better every day that if it hasn’t yet, it will. Consumer-grade electronics simply were not meant to stand up to the demands of the average workplace.

A tablet in the office is often handled by multiple people throughout the day, throughout the week. It’s being tossed on desktops, on conference tables and into desk drawers. It’s being charged erratically. It’s in the splash zone of four cups of coffee a day. It’s right next to your elbow as you turn for the stapler and now it’s on the floor.

That kind of abuse takes a toll, and all it takes is one good spill and the screen is so cracked that it is useless and now someone in accounting is going to have to budget hundreds more dollars to requisition a replacement. One good spill and now it won’t play the audio for presentations anymore and now you’re looking at hundreds from the monthly revenue for an expensive repair.

This is why these sorts of electronics are referred to as consumer-grade.

These examples were just in the office. Now think of what it’s like in the warehouse. In the factory. On the unloading dock. You know what workers there are like. They’re accustomed to tools that can take some punishment. You give the average stock picker a delicate device and they’ll return a twisted lump of metal to you at the end of the day. Their job is rough on them and their tools so they need ones that can handle the same environment that they do.

It may seem like we’re a broken record about this, but there’s a good reason for recommending rugged tools in the workplace. They’re designed to stand up to the punishment meted out by employees on a daily basis. A rugged tablet can take those drops, those spills, the constant rough treatment and just keep on going. In the long run, buying rugged devices for your company will save you thousands in repair and replacement costs. Isn’t that worth striving for?

The experts here at AbeTech can help you find the devices that fit your needs and will stand up in the harsh environments where your workers need help the most. Let us show you how to cut down those repair and replacement costs today!

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