From Green Screen to Touch Screen with Zebra's TC8000

Smartphones, tablets, and new software have completely changed the game when it comes to simplicity and ease of use for consumer mobile devices and applications.
But now it’s easy for companies to achieve the same touch-based simplicity and user experience with their industrial mobile devices, by converting from green screen terminal emulation to smartphone-style interfaces and apps with StayLinked SmartTE from AbeTech.
StayLinked SmartTE allows you to easily replace clunky, old-fashioned green screen apps with modern, colorful, touch-enabled smart terminal emulation apps.
It updates your current terminal applications with a brand new Android-based graphical user interface, which delivers better responsiveness, usability, reliability, and performance.
Workers will instantly feel more comfortable using your applications, which will now provide seamless touch-enabled interactions as opposed to clunky scrolling, tabbing and physical keyboard entry.
Best of all, this translates into time and cost savings as your workers spend significantly less time trying to navigate your apps and deal with an outdated interface.

Revolutionary hardware for a revolutionary user experience

One great example of the potential productivity and efficiency gains is Zebra’s TC8000 Touch Mobile Computer. It’s one of our top-recommended Zebra solutions for converting from green screens to touch mobile computing.
The touch screen interface and revolutionary design of Zebra’s TC8000 not only provide an ideal platform for our StayLinked SmartTE, but also help increase worker productivity by a whopping 14%.
One of the main reasons for the productivity gains is that the TC8000 enables 40% faster data entry with 60% fewer errors. This is thanks to its touch screen and customizable virtual keyboards, which can be customized for different application screens and simpler data entry.
Its unique design also dramatically decreases repetitive motion and enhances productivity with a four-inch WVGA screen located atop the device’s handle and a proximity sensor on the rear of the screen. Instead of having to scan and tilt the device every time, workers just pull the trigger and simultaneously see the scanning result on the screen.
In ergonomic testing, this yielded end results of 55% less wrist motion and 15% reduction in muscle effort.

Various options for your unique needs

In addition, the device supports 1D and 2D barcode scanning with optional advanced scanning engines to capture barcodes in virtually any condition.
Zebra’s PowerPrecision+ battery technology delivers three full shifts of power, and there’s even a hot-swappable battery option for virtually limitless device power.
All of this comes with smart terminal emulation capabilities through our StayLinked SmartTE solution, which our AbeTech team can get up and running on an amazingly fast turnaround.
Along the way, the TC8000 also provides a great way to leverage Android as an enterprise-class OS. With Microsoft exiting the handheld mobile computing market and its Windows mobile operating systems coming to an end, Android is now the future of enterprise mobility.
Its open platform and access to app store apps and vast developer resources make it easy to migrate from Windows to Android, redevelop apps, and create future business solutions.
With over-the-air updates and Zebra’s Mobility Extensions and mobile device management, Android has also become a powerfully secure OS on par with Windows. With these tools, you can completely control devices, application access, Wi-Fi performance, and security.
If you’re looking for better worker productivity and efficiency through the simplicity and ease of use of touch-enabled mobile computing, contact our experts at AbeTech.
We can map out a plan to convert your terminal emulation apps and upgrade to smart Android terminal emulation with Zebra’s TC8000.
Call AbeTech now at 888.682.3113 or email us to learn more and request a free consultation.

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