Got data SMART business decisions are built on solid facts

A successful business is driven by smart decisions. The trick is making the right choices.

Let’s take a look at oil transportation. What’s safer: pipelines or freight trains?

Recent accidents in Quebec, North Dakota and Alabama are forcing us to take a closer look at the safety of transporting oil by rail.

Since 2008, 10 trains hauling oil across North America have derailed and spilled 3 million gallons of oil. The accident in Quebec claimed 47 lives. Horrible. And it may be decades before we know the true environmental consequences of these tragedies.

It’s ironic that the total oil spillage in these train disasters is twice as much as what we lost in the largest pipeline spill since 1986.

Is there a way to improve safety measures for moving oil via train? Or should we consider switching back to pipelines?

Whether you’re trying solving a problem of this magnitude or simply making day-to-day business decisions, a data-driven approach is key.

You can’t argue with data. Data collection and analysis is a sound, objective way to make all kinds of business decisions—from expansion to vendors to equipment. Facts and figures offer solid evidence for choosing the right software, mobile computer, tablet and other devices.

Making choices in the dark can lead to unintended consequences. It can even derail your business. Thankfully, we live in a time that allows for easy data collection and analysis if you have the right tools.

What about you? Do you make decisions based on facts? Or do you occasionally go with your gut?

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