Go Zebra Trade-in Program Now Covers Bar Code Scanners


Every year, companies take advantage of the GO Zebra Trade-In Program to save big when they upgrade their bar code printers and mobile computers.
Now the rebates are being extended to Zebra’s next-generation bar code scanners. For a limited time, you can trade in your qualifying bar code scanners, including non-Zebra devices and get a rebate of $15 to $25 each when you upgrade to the latest Zebra scanners.
It’s a great way to save while transforming your business with the latest scanning capabilities, including a number of breakthroughs that can cut considerable time and labor out of your data capture processes.
Here’s a quick overview of the capabilities Zebra has been adding to its newer generation bar code scanners.
Capture for Every Bar Code
Zebra’s latest devices not only read bar codes and QR codes, but they can also capture bar codes from labels, paper documents and even electronic screens.
Accurate Scans on the First Try
Sometimes bar codes aren’t in perfect condition when you need to read them, but Zebra’s intelligent scanning technology easily reads virtually any bar code—even if it’s damaged, torn, smudged, or poorly printed.
Omnidirectional Scanning
Because many of Zebra’s latest devices are 2D imagers, not just 1D laser bar code scanners, they scan omnidirectionally at any angle. That means you don’t have to line up a laser or get a precise angle when scanning, saving you time and effort on every scan.
Multi-Bar Code Capture
Another big advancement from Zebra is its multi-code scanning feature, which allows you to scan multiple bar codes with a single pull of the scanner trigger. This is great for using your scanner as a “wand” to scan boxes, parcels or even documents with multiple bar codes.
Extended Scanning Range
Now you can scan bar codes from up to 70 feet away, which is great for scanning from forklifts or scanning products and pallets high on shelves. And with these Zebra devices, you still get great scanning performance from close range.
Scanning of More Than Bar Codes
If you choose a Zebra 1D/2D imager, you can capture much more than bar codes. 
Since the imager takes a “photo” of what you’re scanning and then processes it, you can capture images, signatures, documents and more. You can even configure your scanner to capture specific document fields and ignore others.
Ultimately, with Zebra’s expanded trade-in program, you can upgrade to these and many other great capabilities—all at a lower cost. The rebates are easy, and your return shipping may even be covered.
If you have legacy devices that are overdue for an upgrade and you want to significantly improve your data capture performance and worker productivity, we recommend checking out the GO Zebra Trade-In Program and, in particular, the two new Zebra scanners described below.
DS2200 Series Handheld Imagers
DS2200 Series Handheld Imagers provide affordable 1D/2D handheld scanners that don’t compromise on features or price. You get 1D/2D imaging for bar codes, QR codes, and more, with instant decoding via Zebra’s PRZM intelligent imaging. Each scanner is also pre-configured and ready to use out of the box.
DS3600 Ultra-Rugged Series Scanners
3600 Series scanners
 are virtually indestructible, with the highest drop, tumble, and sealing specifications in the industry. They’re also 23% more durable than other industrial scanners and can withstand multiple 8-foot drops.
These scanners are also IP67 dust-proof, spray-proof, and waterproof, and they perform up to 56% more scans per charge. They’re built to handle extreme cold, heat, and even freezers, so they’re great for virtually any rugged environment.
To learn more about the GO Zebra Trade-In Program and the latest Zebra scanners, contact an AbeTech Solution Expert
 for more information.



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