Oh, the Places You Will Go With Tablet Computing

I have been trying to think of the most abused buzzword in tech writing these days. Near the top of the list, without a doubt, is “tablet computing.” Egad, I went there.

I confess that I am guilty of both talking about and abusing the aforementioned overly used buzzword. But I have my reasons. I dabble with techie things at home with the goal of getting the juices flowing and finding ways to take my home use and apply it to the business world. For example, I travel frequently and spend quite a bit of time away from my two cats (who stay pleasantly out of trouble for days at a time). Call me a softie, but I mounted an Android tablet in my garage at ankle level right in front of their food and water dishes. After installing Skype and setting it to auto-answer when I call from my phone or tablet, I can be whisker-to-whisker with them and shoot the breeze, so to speak, as they chow down. All this while I’m on a beach in Miami. Or Fargo.

The point is, I think, that I can just about reach out and touch my friendly felines, and I can even remotely open my garage door to let them out for a run, and then use Skype to call them back in and close the door. How does that translate to the business world? Amazingly, it actually does... to be continued!

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