Go Above and Beyond in All You Do; Tips from Dale Carnegie

One of the stand out building blocks of success, is effort. Effort bridges the gap between almost there and arrived. If you want to make grand intentions a reality, effort is your answer.

AbeTech has built core business principles upon certain values, some of which are reiterated in Dale Carnegie training. These ideals impart more than just a list of to-dos for success in daily life, but champion usable tools that, if implemented, will afford you forward momentum on the road to success.

Listed is a snap shot of some of those principles:

Take a sincere approach

Take a genuine interest in other people and be aware that the kind of person you are most likely to purchase a good or service from, is the same type of person, your client would opt to purchase from. Find out the overall scope of your client’s need, which will position you to deliver an effective solution.

Practice active listening

Just as we, as individuals, are unique, so is each business. If you take the time to listen, you will avoid pitfalls of pitching the wrong item at the wrong time, or over-informing your client on countless products or services that don’t apply to them. Make an effort to listen intently, then when you speak, others will reciprocate and listen intently as well.

Expand your knowledge base

Know your product or service inside and out. Make an effort to be versed on everything that is cutting edge about that product or service and how your industry fits within the framework of your business partnership. Be informed and pass along pertinent information. Summarize highlights, don’t reiterate the whole manual. Take key points, share that information and you will be on the path to building long-term business relationships.

AbeTech will keep you ahead of the curve

Making a dedicated decision to adhere to solid principles, implement best practices and provide top notch products and services has led to success for AbeTech and our clients and it all began with one action… effort. We value partnering with businesses who are focused on common business practices. If you share these values and are in need of a solutions provider, reach out to AbeTech today.

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