Free Printhead Replacement with Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program

One of the biggest long-term costs in barcode label printing is having to replace your printheads. It can cost hundreds of dollars or more with each instance.

Unfortunately, printhead replacements are inevitable. A printhead has a limited lifespan, which is usually measured in millions of linear inches printed. That means the more your print, the faster you’ll wear out your printhead.

Printheads are also delicate, and residue buildup and physical damage can increase wear and reduce your total lifespan. This is why it’s so important to keep your printers clean, perform regular maintenance, and use high-quality labels and ribbons that minimize printhead wear.

But there’s also another advantage of using quality supplies, especially if you use Zebra printers.

Zebra offers a Printhead Protection Program that allows you to replace your printheads for FREE for the life of your barcode label printer.

If you own a Zebra industrial or desktop printer, all you have to do is sign up for the program and agree to use genuine Zebra printing supplies exclusively. Just fill out an enrollment form with one of our AbeTech representatives, and start ordering Zebra supplies.

Once you’ve signed up, if your printhead ever fails, it will be replaced at no charge. That means you can potentially save hundreds of dollars on each printhead replacement, and you don’t have to deal with unpredictable replacement costs.

Zebra’s high-quality, pretested supplies will also extend the lifespan of your printheads and help keep your printing processes running beautifully with outstanding print quality.

Zebra supplies and printheads work together to ensure clear and clean print jobs with minimal printhead wear. Zebra also uses consistent materials and ISO:9001 quality processes in all of its label and ribbon production, so you can count on maximum printing performance and printhead protection at the same time.

Of course, pretested and certified supplies cost a bit more up front, but they create long-term cost savings by minimizing printing issues and repairs. Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program also means you’ll save hundreds of dollars each time you need to replace your printhead.

If you use the wrong supplies or cheaper, lower-quality materials, you may end up using excessive print darkness to compensate for printing issues, and your media will leave behind dust, dirt, and debris that causes residue build-up. This leads to poor print quality and will damage your printhead, creating unnecessary costs.

The better approach is to sign up for Zebra’s Printhead Protection Program and choose certified Zebra supplies that are designed and pretested for your Zebra printer and application. This will ensure the right match and combination for your application, and you’ll get outstanding print quality, minimize residue build-up, and get free printhead replacements.

Our AbeTech printing experts can help you get started and help you choose the right Zebra supplies. There are over 500 Zebra stock supplies products and over 1,000 possible combinations.

If you have a custom labeling or printing need, we can also work with Zebra’s R&D team to design customized supplies to match your specific application.

To learn more and find out how to enroll in the Zebra Printhead Protection program, contact AbeTech now.

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