Food Manufacturers Rely on Tevia

Food allergies can be scary, and according to the FDA are quite common among Americans. While most food allergies result in relatively minor symptoms, some food allergies cause severe reactions and can be life-threatening. Unfortunately, there is no cure for food allergies.

So what do food manufacturers do in situations where correctly labeling ingredients on packaging is so vitally important?

Rest assured, these companies reach out to AbeTech! Food manufacturers rely on AbeTech’s 
validation system to provide 100% inspection of the packaging and labels. The Tevia® system is designed to detect a mislabeled product, immediately stop production and alert operators of a problem at speeds up to 1,800 products per minute. The system will interface with any brand of scanner/imager/vision hardware, and it will stop production if a component malfunction is detected.

Additional uses of the Tevia™ system include:

  • Validate proper packaging

  • Validate proper bar codes

  • Validate Expiration or Lot Codes (OCR/OCV)

  • Inspect for missing, skewed, or loose caps/lids

  • Inspect for proper fill level

  • Perform traceability reporting

  • Enhance document handling

  • Implement product control and containment

  • Capture, move and manage production data for all of your bar coding and labeling activities

Interested in learning more about the Tevia? Please contact your AbeTech Account Executive today!


Download the Tevia 230 spec sheet here.


Download the Tevia case study here.


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