Do you ever experience decreased efficiency

While working in the stockroom of a major retail establishment, one thing that always seemed to slow me down was a faded label. From the initial packaging to the final delivery, the label would get torn, faded or smudged; boxes get moved around, dragged across floors, and shifted in transport. When scanning in a shipment off the truck, you scan the label to move the items into inventory. When the label won’t scan, you have to enter the box contents manually. Searching through paperwork on an entire shipment to find the label that won’t scan takes precious time out of your day. You set the box aside, finish the rest of the truck, and then cross-reference your shipping log with the scanned entries. It’s so much easier to use a scanner that can read barcodes that have been damaged during transport.

I also had this problem in the furniture store I worked in. While scanning products on the floor, you often came across tags that had been torn or smudged. With so many people browsing a showroom and trying out furniture, it’s only to be expected that labels can be damaged. When showing a couch for instance, if the tag was damaged, it would take me much longer to sell a piece. I’d have to walk to the back and manually enter the information on our computer in order to check stock, delivery dates and upcoming sale information.

Do you ever experience decreased efficiency due to your handheld scanner not getting an accurate read?

The Zebra LS3400 series 1D scanner by Zebra Technologies is designed for exactly this purpose. This handheld scanner is made to provide superior scanning performance regardless of damage to the bar code. It is built with a rugged, ergonomic design perfect for hand-held or hands-free use. It can withstand the rough environment of the industrial world and still get the job done with no problems.

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