Dimensional Weight Pricing: How to Protect Your Bottom Line



If you’re shipping items out of your warehouse, be aware, new pricing models are coming. All major shipping carriers are slowly moving to a dimensional weight pricing structure. The space a shipment takes up on the truck—rather than just the weight of the shipment—will continue to impact the price of shipping. This change could mean increased shipping costs for your company, especially if you use large or oddly shaped cartons for shipping.

Why switch to dimensional weight pricing?

Shipping carriers are switching to dimensional weight pricing for understandable reasons. The new model will encourage the greatest packing efficiency from their clients. This means better truck utilization and therefore reduced fuel consumption. Having a smaller carbon footprint is something AbeTech appreciates as a company who prides itself in being resource aware. And finally, this new method will lead to more revenue for shipping companies if companies don’t adapt by optimizing their shipping methodology.

Hardware solutions

Luckily, AbeTech is your trusted advisor for optimizing your logistics and supply chain systems. To help offset dimensional weight pricing changes, we can recommend the right hardware for the job. One option to consider is the AutoCube 8200 from Honeywell.

The 8200 is fixed dimensioning system for quick, effective measurements of your shipments. It measures the dimensions of any object from 4 inches cubed all the way up to 39 inches cubed. Sub-second measurements and an automatic mode give you flexibility: you can place the AutoCube 8200 at the beginning of the line to measure products or at the end of the line to get final dimensional data of your shipments. The unit is compact, doesn’t require a separate power supply and is reasonably priced to encourage a quick return on investment.

Let us optimize your logistics processes

Of course, the more you ship, the more important tracking of dimensional weight data will be for your company. Luckily AbeTech works with companies of all sizes from many different verticals. We can provide guidance as you begin to understand and adjust to new dimensional weight pricing and how it affects your bottom line. 

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