Datalogic and AbeTech: Bringing Flexibility and Innovation to Your Workflow

Companies choose to work with AbeTech for logistics and supply chain solutions because we can keep up with an ever changing work environment. We stay up to date on labeling, tracking and automation logistics in a variety of verticals and keep our product lines and service offereings diversified. One of our partners who makes staying on the cutting edge a priority is Datalogic. We love working with Datalogic for the same reason our clients love working with us: Datalogic is flexible and responsive to industry trends.

Datalogic is a total solutions provider

When Datalogic says they stay on the cutting edge of technology, they mean it. The company owns over 1000 patents and is heavily invested in innovation. This large array of patents and products gives AbeTech flexibility when optimizing logistics for our clients. Whatever your needs may be, you can be sure we will find a solution that improves efficiency in your workflow. Let’s take a look at a few of our most recommended products provided by Datalogic.

PowerScan 9500 Industrial 2D Imager

This rugged imager received an IP65 sealing rating to protect your investment against dust and moisture. The device can read 1D/2D bar codes and features corded or Bluetooth®, and Star Cordless System™ 2.0 connections for wireless connections. All models come with Datalogic's three-year factory warranty, frame-aimer (so you know which bar code you're pointing at), 3GL™ (for good read feedback) and GS1 certification. Included is Datalogic's Aladdin configuration software so you can set up your device exactly the way you need to.

Falcon X3+

The Falcon sustains drops from up to 6 feet and features a scan window protected by Corning® Gorilla® Glass. For flexibility, scan up to 31.3 feet away with the extra-long range imager. Choose between a QVGA or VGA 3.5" touchscreen displays, two keyboards, and two versions of Windows. Add a pistol grip to increase ergonomics and decrease worker fatigue. You can develop your own custom applications with Datalogic's SDK. The Falcon also comes with Wavelink Terminal Emulation for legacy device connectivity.   

Green Spot

Last, but not least, is a unique technology patented by Datalogic called Green Spot. Most industrial scanners have an audible “beep” to verify a barcode has been scanned properly. While an audible “beep” is ubiquitous for a completed scan, some environments are either too loud to hear the sound, or the environment requires a quiet room, such as in hospitals or libraries. These applications are where Green Spot can fit in well. Your employees can visually see that a barcode has been scanned without the need for an audible “beep.”

A partnership to meet your unique needs

When you need a flexible partner with a vast product line, Datalogic products sold by AbeTech will always fit the bill. Contact an AbeTech representative today if you need custom tailored solutions for your mobile computing and scanning needs. 

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