CTM Printer Applicator Benefits Revealed

In the world of label accuracy, businesses must acknowledge the fact that printer applicators can increase accuracy, productivity and ultimately reduce overall costs in their manufacturing and distribution centers.  In addition, printer applicator systems, with their highly technological capabilities to print all labels in the same place on boxes, packages and pallets, help to ensure the fluid movement of labeled products throughout the supply chain.

To ensure total label accuracy, applicator systems can incorporate many features including bar codes, scanners, sensors and verifiers.  Printer applicators can be configured to work with your ERP systems to print high quality bar codes and graphics onto labels.  These labels are then placed on the side, bottoms or tops of products, packages or pallets.  Automating label application ensures speedy and accurate label placement which, in turn, lowers business costs and increases overall productivity.  In the past businesses incurred the high cost of the errors of past labeling systems where you have to pre-print labels.   Often things change throughout the supply chain cycle and the pre-printed labels can become obsolete.  In contrast, the printer applicator labeling machines can make changes in real time and money is not lost on non-usable, pre-printed labels.

There are several methods used to apply the label to the product and each method is dependent upon the size and shape of the label requested and durability of the product the label is to be placed on.   There are three types of applicator techniques:  Blow-on, Tamp-Blow and Wipe-On.  All of these techniques have the advantage of high speed and accurate label placement.  Using these methods, the label can be adhered to the top, bottom, side or even wrapped around cones of cylinders.  The Tamp-Blow technique has another advantage in that it can reach recessed areas on a product.

An example of a printer labeler offered by AbeTech that uses the Tamp-Blow technique, the CTM 3600 PA is a high speed thermal transfer labeler used to print and apply pressure sensitive labels to products.  In addition to its precise label application techniques, this particular labeler offers easy to use LCD display and quick access to set up parameters.  For more specifications, check out the CTM 3600 PA product page.  To determine the right technique and applicator system to fit your business needs, contact AbeTech.  Our industry experts can help you determine the solution that works best for your business.

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