Color Printing is Better than Ever with Epson and AbeTech

Color inkjet printing has evolved: it is faster, cheaper and more reliable than ever before. If you’ve considered color printing in the past, take a look again at Epson. As a leading manufacturer of color inkjet printers, projectors, scanners and factory automation devices, Epson helps companies get work done on-demand. Exciting innovations in inkjet technology keep Epson customers on the cutting edge of cost saving techniques. Plus, when you work with Epson and AbeTech, you have a long term partner.

Epson is a leader

When print accuracy and efficiency are important, you need an industry leader with experience. AbeTech trusts Epson’s leadership in color inkjet printers because we have seen them improve workforce efficiency and lower color labeling cost for our clients. Their ColorWorks line of printers adds reliability and value to your color inkjet printing system.

When compared to ordering pre-printed labels, printing on-demand with Epson ColorWorks printers can save money. Instead of predicting what labels you need and ordering ahead of time, with “Just in Time” printing you have the freedom to change what is printed on the label on-demand and forgo wasting pre-printed labels should your labeling needs change.

Epson is an innovator

Having the latest printing technology can help protect your brand identity and reputation. When your labels look right, your brand looks credible. Your marketing department would love the Epson C7500 Inkjet Label Printer. This unit features stunning color accuracy and 1200 dpi on-demand printing so your labels will always be precise and up-to-date.

You’ll find Epson’s no-touch print head provides much lower cost of ink and since the print head doesn’t make contact with the label, you’ll never need a replacement head. If anything does go wrong, you can rely on Epson’s lifetime print head warranty.
Another Epson innovation we love: ColorkWorks printers use industry standard programing language and work with most popular label creation software suites. This means that if you currently have label information stored in other formats, the transition to printing with ColoWorks printers will be seamless.

Epson wants to be your partner

When AbeTech chooses our partners, we pick companies that value a relationship with clients over a one-time business transaction. Epson takes this value seriously. They provide on-site support for their hardware so you’re never alone if you need help. Plus, service times are faster and maintenance is easier because there are limited moving parts with Epson ColorWorks printers. This means less downtime and more productivity for your work force. Pair this with AbeTech’s Professional Services options, and you’ve got a service team prepared for future success.

Work with the color inkjet specialists at Epson

To find out how Epson’s industry leadership, cutting-edge technology and on-site services can grow your brand and increase your workforce efficiency. Reach out to an experienced printer technician at AbeTech. We can show you the best hardware for your color inkjet label printing needs.

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