Business competition rages on. Are you ready to rumble

Do you like watching mixed martial arts? Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), Legacy Fighting Championship or Maximum Fighting Championship?

When I’m in the right mood, I love to see a good, clean, well-executed battle between brave warriors.

One such conflict is shaping up right now in the IT world. The heavy hitters are Amazon, Apple, Google, Microsoft and Samsung. These tech giants are dealing out some serious blows in the mobile computing space.

Each competitor has their own mobile device hardware, coupled with software and possibly a pile of content as well. The lines are blurring as to who does what and who is winning which skirmish. While each player started with a niche, every one is fearlessly challenging the others on their own turf.

A roundhouse kick to the face. A graceful block. Round after round, opponents fight until the inevitable takedown.

Who benefits from this bloody battle? Consumers are the winners, because free market competition spurs innovation and price erosion. Free markets are a great and powerful force for good—and you don’t even need pay-per-view.

Of course, it’s another story if you’re an enterprise trying to knock out the competition.

At AbeTech, we want to help your business stay strong and remain competitive. Our unique services and experience in the data capture arena can give you an edge.

We can help you choose, install, and service the data collection system that’s best for your unique enterprise. Our service and support resources include:

  • Business process review
  • Design and installation of barcodes, RFID, and other data collection programs
  • In-depth wireless site surveys
  • Full Wi-Fi installations
  • Onsite training and technical assistance

It’s no surprise that 25 percent of Fortune 500 firms depend on AbeTech to keep their data collection tools and systems up and running at peak performance. Our repair and support services span many options:

While I love imagining myself in the ring, I’m not exactly a UFC champ. (One can dream!) That’s OK, though. Because what I enjoy most is making sure our customers have their bar code and data capture needs taken care of. So they can focus on other things, like distinguishing themselves from competitors. Coca-Cola versus Pepsi. Ford versus General Motors. Target versus Walmart. Cutthroat conflicts echo throughout the modern business world. Are there any famous rivals—now or in the past—that fascinate you? What have you learned from them?

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