Built for enterprise, the Zebra TC55 Touch Computer does it all

Do you find yourself needing an advanced touch screen mobile computer for work? A powerful data collection tool that’s built for enterprise and easy to use?

I don’t mean a regular smartphone or tablet. I’m talking about a pocket-sized touch screen computer that can capture all kinds of data—bar codes, signatures to documents, photos, videos and NFCs.

Say hello to the Zebra TC55 Touch Computer

If you’re looking for a reliable data capture device that can do all that and more, the Zebra TC55 Touch Computer is just the ticket. Built for enterprise, this advanced touch screen computer has all the features to get the job done. It’s also as easy to use as a smartphone.

On top of that, the TC55 is rugged. Its environmental sealing can withstand tough outdoor conditions. That’s durability you can depend on for the long haul.

Advanced touch screen works nearly anywhere

The Zebra TC55 is the perfect data collection tool in the field. Outside in bright sunshine or indoors, the advanced touch screen dynamically adjusts to its environment.

Need to wear gloves? No problem. The touch panel will respond to a gloved finger, as well as a bare finger or stylus.

Long battery life

When it comes to mobile computers, battery life is important. The Zebra TC55 offers the longest battery life in its class.

Audio output and clarity

In the field, you can’t control noise levels. With dual front-facing speakers, the Zebra TC55 is four times louder than most smartphones. Also, noise-cancelling technology delivers outstanding clarity at both ends of the call, even in noisy environments.

More outstanding features of the Zebra TC55 Touch Computer

  • Integrated scanner and imager for fast, accurate data capture
  • 4.3 inch, high-resolution display
  • First-class operating system
  • Unmatched security capabilities

Device Support and Service

As always, Zebra offers exceptional device management and support for enterprise data capture. They can help you fully optimize your devices, so you can maximize uptime and return on investment.

The TC55 is truly 
the personal touch computer built for business. Want to learn more about this powerful data collection device? Call us at 888-682-3113. Or feel free to contact us online.

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