Bringing Automatic Management to the Construction Sector

AbeTech, a leader in radio frequency identification (RFID), bar coding systems and other advanced production control solutions, has entered into partnership with tablet manufacturer MobileDemand. Visitors to an annual builder's conference in which AbeTech attended had the chance to see their offerings and appreciate how well these companies’ products complement each other.

Representing AbeTech, industry expert  Andy Doll responded to builder’s questions relating to technology used in the construction industry. The questions revolved around rugged tablets used on construction sites, specifically MobileDemand’s T1600. 

Andy comments, “I was encouraged to find that key players in the construction industry recognize that they seriously lag behind other sectors when it comes to getting the best out of new technologies. With almost a quarter of a century of solid field experience and 20,000 system installations in the USA, AbeTech can help them with the most advanced twenty-first century management control methods. Incorporating MobileDemand’s high performance and super-tough T1600 tablets into AbeTech solutions paves the way to further automatic management progress.”
Bringing Automatic Management to the Construction Sector
Drawing on their expertise in rugged mobile computers and tablets, AbeTech is well-positioned to provide construction firms with the latest rugged PC Tablets that can be used in harsh environments.
This new technology has a vital role to play enabling builders to view drawings for the erection of buildings on the job site.  The Sunlight viewable screen is imperative for workers on the job site to view the display of digital drawings.  Users will not only be able to see drawings clearer, but not have to worry about natural elements as with paper drawings.  Additional benefits include the ability to zoom expanding views and of course going green with a paperless environment.
Where Toughness and Technology Meet
The demonstration of a MobileDemand T1200 tablet being thrown across the stage without sustaining any damage was certainly one of the highlights of the trade show. The T1200 tablet is used in one of AbeTech's client's weld bays to provide a better and more accurate product for the client's builders.  This entertaining proof of the machine’s toughness demonstrates its suitability for use in harsh environments. Its high performance Intel® i5 processor, IP65 sealing against water and dust and seven-hour battery capabilities are perfect for automatic control implementations around construction sites. While T1200 was thrown, it’s sister product T1600 is as rugged and used in the field.

To learn more about how AbeTech’s professional services and MobileDemand tablets can bring a powerful boost to enterprise productivity, please contact Andy Doll.

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