Behind the Scenes in Service

To the outside world services consist of top notch engineers who specialize in a various technologies like Wireless, RFID and custom software. While this is true to some extent, it definitely is not the whole picture. There is often an entire staff of folks “behind the scenes” that really make all the magic happen. It is because of these people that AbeTech is able to implement technologies like Wireless, RFID and custom software for our clients.

The “behind the scenes” players at AbeTech consist of project managers, contract administrators, service coordinators, service desk technicians and printer technicians. They are the paper pushers, schedule coordinators and phone answerers that keep this service team moving forward.

Project managers play a key role in making sure all projects are kept on track, on time and under budget. The team of project managers at AbeTech do just that—they manage projects. They are responsible for the scheduling and communication with all clients and internal resources starting with the initial discovery meetings all the way through to the completion of the project. Our project management team maintains the direction and focus needed to complete these complex projects.

AbeTech provides our clients with assistance in maintaining and managing their equipment through both AbeTech and manufacturer contracts. Our contract administrators maintain, enter and assist on over 4,000 hardware and support contracts. Not only do they manage the contracts, but the device serial numbers associated to those devices. This thankless job is extremely important to both AbeTech and our clients.

The team of service coordinators and dispatchers at AbeTech is the group that answers our service phones. These employees enter support cases and work with engineers to escalate and close tickets. In addition, this is also the group that maintains and manages the hardware RMA process and client spare pools. This team is on the front lines in the battle to keep our clients mission critical devices up and running. Our service desk technicians, the foot soldiers, provide phone support for all incoming emails and calls. These calls can be from a standalone device all the way to a complete managed support service. Our technicians are able to determine the steps needed to get the client the support they need to get back to production. Inconsistency is the only consistency with this job!

Last but not least in our list of “behind the scenes” players at AbeTech are our certified printer technicians. This dynamic duo repair and maintain over $2mm in inventory annually both in-house and onsite for our clients. As if that isn’t enough, these guys also get called in to assist with installing, maintaining and troubleshooting label software for our clients.

As you can see it is definitely a team effort here at AbeTech! Our company is committed to investing in its people from our engineers who are on the front lines of the solution to the service coordinators that maintain our processes.  If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to get in touch directly with us by submitting a contact us form or calling us directly at 888.682.3113. We look forward to working with your team!

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