Why You Should Be Using RFID

What is RFID?

RFID (radio frequency identification) is a way to identify and track information wirelessly using electromagnetic fields. A normal RFID tag can contain 96 to 512 bits of information and be read in less than 5 milliseconds! Plus, RFID tags can be passive—meaning they collect energy from the radio waves themselves rather than an internal power source. Product stocking, filing systems, check-in/check-out, building access, inventory tracking and more can be precisely managed and dynamically updated with the use of RFID tags and readers.

Reasons to use RFID

You want to scan and track, but you don’t have “line of sight”

Sometimes the item you are trying to identify or track is in an area just out of line of sight, meaning you can’t see it—there is no direct path from the mobile device to the item in question. RFID is perfect for such applica1tions because it does the device does not have to “see” the item being identified, it just has to be within a certain area. This works well in manufacturing and distribution as parts move down the assembly line and into packaging for shipment.

Your data is constantly changing

When you have data you need scanned or identified that is updated frequently, RFID tags can be a perfect solution. This solution is perfect for retail environments where stock fluctuates. Instead of changing a label on the shelf every time you restock to a different item, you can simply update the RFID tag to reflect the new product. In a warehouse with variable parts and orders, you can update RFID tags on assembly lines or shelves to reflect project requirements.

You want to hide the label

Sometimes you want to have a way to identify or scan an item without a visible label. With RFID, you can have invisible or internal tags. In a retail environment you can have a label on your packaging without ruining aesthetics. For tracking of equipment in a warehouse, RFID tags can be embedded inside the item. Or, your employees can unlock doors without removing the keycard from their wallet.

AbeTech has the RFID experience you need

These are just a few of the many uses for RFID. AbeTech has worked with many companies—large and small—to roll out RFID solutions. AbeTech’s clients have found success using RFID by tracking parts for complex vehicles that have to endure extreme conditions, upgrading security systems to protect passengers at a major airport, and by increasing efficiency in retail environments. With RFID you can add flexibility, security and convenience to your identification and tracking solutions. Contact an AbeTech representative today to get started.

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