Low or High Volume Production, AbeTech Has You Covered at Automate 2017


If you’ve worked with AbeTech, you know that building relationships is one of our passions. Something we have in common with our partners and clients is staying up to date on industry trends. Join us to do just that April 3-6 at Automate 2017 at McCormick Place in Chicago, IL, Booth 669. 

Automate Show 2017


If you’re interested in seeing a cross section of the entire automation industry, Automate 2017 is the show for you. At the event you will see exhibits featuring the latest in cutting-edge robotics, vision, motion control and related technologies. Automation is a great way to enhance your processes, improve product quality and lower costs.

For over 25 years AbeTech has been a premium integrator in supply chain logistics. This year at Automate 2017, our main focus will be industrial equipment solutions. Come see our diverse portfolio of industrial equipment including:

  • Fixed position scanning

  • Automated labeling systems

  • Industrial marking equipment

  • Product inspection and validation

Industrial equipment featured at our Automate 2017 booth


To illustrate some of the industrial equipment we’ll be showing off at our booth, let’s follow fictional company owner, Bob, as his business—Bob’s Bars—grows. In the beginning, Bob creates and ships five cases of his delicious nutrition bars a week. For this operation, he has no issues hand labeling his cases as they are prepared for shipment. Within the first few months of operation, demand for Bob’s operation grows so much that he needs an employee to hand label shipments. At 50 cases a week (and a new flavor introduced to his line), hand labeling is sufficient, but not the most efficient process.

Enter the CTM 3600a PA from CTM Labeling Systems. The 3600a PA automatically applies labels to Bob's shipments and can print variable data, so labeling shipments of both flavors are covered. AbeTech not only provides the CTM3600a, but also exceptional service and maintenance for Bob’s new hardware. Bob knows AbeTech is always a phone call away and he appreciates AbeTech’s commitment to a four hour response time. The increased efficiency and accuracy of this system ensures Bob’s business keeps growing.

A year later, demand for Bob’s bars has tripled and he is up to a total of four product lines. To meet the demand, Bob’s AbeTech representative suggests a new ink jet process using the CoPilot 382 from Squid Ink and AbeTech’s own Tevia line control system. The CoPilot 382, utilizing Squid Ink’s ink, allows for high resolution characters, text and logos at the right price. Bob’s new Tevia line control makes sure each shipment of nutritional bars is accurate and sent off to the right buyers.


Cutting edge hardware and support that scales with you


In booth 669 at Automate 2017, AbeTech will be showing off the CTM 3600a PA, CoPilot 382 and our own Tevia, as well as other industrial equipment solutions from Microscan and Cognex. Registration is now closed, but be sure to look for us at next year's show.


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