Audit Your Printing Processes to Jumpstart your Label Solution Design

The industrial labeling process can be multi-faceted and resource-demanding. Today’s requirements for accurate label content are leading manufacturers to re-evaluate their label printing. The first step to automating your label process is to evaluate the label types, sizes, materials your process requires and document the methods by which your labels will be printed.

Here are a few helpful questions to get you thinking about these factors and jumpstart your label solution design. Our free Labeling Solution Design Jumpstart Checklist is your guide to making sure you have all your label design specifics covered.

Once you have answers to these basic label questions, reach out to a Print Solutions Specialist to schedule a Label Management Assessment.

Label Size and Material

Labels come in all shapes, sizes and materials, so it’s a good idea to inventory what your current needs are. AbeTech can help you make sure you’re using the most efficient and cost-effective labels for your specific use cases.
From direct thermal to thermal transfer, or perforated to non-perforated, the material of your labels can impact performance. If you’re running into issues scanning barcodes you might need a more durable material or even a label cover.
Documenting all the sizes, types and materials of your labels is a great first step to improving your processes.

Quantity and Printing Process

Planning ahead for your label orders can save on label costs over the long run. Review your label printing needs by analyzing previous years purchase orders. AbeTech can provide stock labeling services and often provide a discount for certain label kits. Determining how many labels you need will help AbeTech provide the best total labeling solution for your specific needs. How your labels are printed can affect print performance, barcode quality and overall productivity in your processes. Jot down some quick notes about how you are printing labels, and you’ll have a head start when you begin automating your label printing.

Download our free Label Solution Design Jumpstart Checklist

Our handy Labeling Solution Design Jumpstart Checklist has all of these questions and more to make sure you have a full view of your label printing needs. You might think you have it all covered, but there are always ways to improve your processes.

Download the checklist today and take notes on each of the 8 categories before reaching out to an AbeTech Print Solutions Specialist to schedule your Label Management Assessment.

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