Are your printers losing you money

Ask yourself this: “Did work stop at my company because the printer was down?” Or “When my printers aren’t working, does everyone have to wait while they are repaired or replaced?” Chances are, at some point you’ve had to answer “Yes” to either of those questions, and that means your printers are costing you more than just the sticker price.

Unexpected repairs cost you and your company time and money. If your employees have to hold up their work in order to monkey around with a jammed or broken printer, they’re not creating revenue. Having to have someone in for an emergency repair always costs more than simply having someone come in for scheduled maintenance. So, how can you avoid this situation?

Zebra, one of the biggest names in fast, reliable printing solutions, wondered that too. This led to the development of their Xi series of printers. Designed from the ground up to be easy to use, rugged, fast, and above all else, durable. These built-to-last printers keep costs down, way down, by having every aspect of the printer made from the strongest materials to prevent any unexpected breaks. An early warning system alerts users to looming situations such as media running low, ribbons that are nearly empty or when the printhead needs addressing so that workers can be on top of maintenance before they become a problem so that the work doesn’t need to stop. These are just some of the ways that Zebra works to help your company stay at peak performance.

When your printers are a weak point in your company’s infrastructure, you’re just throwing money away! Make sure that your printers are built strong and designed to last so that they can be there for you when you need them.

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