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In our last blog post we discussed the ways in which ribbons, labels and tags can truly transform your business operations.  We touched on a few different types of labeling options and some of their applications for your business.  Now, we would like to discuss a few more options for your labeling needs.

One example is Warehouse Rack Labeling.  In Warehouse Rack Labeling labels are created for ceiling, rack and floor location identification.  Labels are printed on retroreflective, polyester or paper labels.  Warehouse Rack Labeling has several advantages over manual labeling, the most important advantage being its ability to scan a rack label to document the time, date and location of an activity.  Warehouse Rack Labeling also creates an environment where inventory control is tighter.  The labels are cost effective to implement and result in substantial savings in time and money.

Another example of a labeling system that can improve your business operations is the use of RFID tags.  RFID tags have many specialized uses and forms and can really be tailored to your business needs.  Their construction is based on the frequency of your location, the product material your product is made of (for example metal requires specialized tags) and the environment where your product is located.  RFID tags are meant to withstand extremes in temperatures and corrosion and can be a true asset to your organization.

For an example of how an organization uses RFID tags to improve business operations, we can look at how the company American Apparel used RFID to transform their stores globally.  American Apparel is a manufacturer, distributor and retailer of branded fashion based out of Los Angeles, California.  They have 285 stores in 20 countries and they are constantly growing.  They wanted to improve their business processes and reduce lost sales due to misplaced merchandise in their stores due to confusion in their old labeling system.  They had an RFID system built and they noticed immediate improvements in their stores and warehouses.  Their RFID system resulted in well-stocked stores, increased sales and allowed immediate and accurate responses to consumers’ requested design, size and color of in-store merchandise.  Their RFID tag system allowed the retailer to better determine real-time buying behaviors and adjust inventory accordingly, making items easier for customers to find and for employees to replenish.  The success in their implemented RFID system created major growth and expansion which they continue to see today.

What about your organization?  AbeTech offers advice from our industry experts on how you can use labels, tags and ribbons to help your business run smoothly from their application.  We can work with you to determine the best solution for your organization the first time.  Contact us for a quote today!

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