Improve the Usability of Your Apps with StayLinked SmartTE

Mobile device technology is advancing, is your software advancing with it?

If you’re using receiving, inventory, cycle counting, or shipping applications on mobile devices, they don’t have to be clunky, old-fashioned, green-screen apps. With StayLinked Smart TE, AbeTech can convert those antiquated apps to look like smartphone apps with touch-enabled buttons, colorful user interfaces, and modern features. Not only do SmartTE apps help your brand look up-to-date, it can save you time and money as well!

What are “green screen” apps?

If you have workers in your workforce under the age of 30, they may not even know what a “green screen” application is! “Green screen” apps refer to terminal-style applications with green lines of text on a black background, much like MS-DOS or Windows command prompt. To switch between screens/menus, keyboard inputs such as arrow keys, the tab key or number keys are required. Generally these applications have long lists of text entries for menus and cannot show colors, buttons, or images.

If you are still using “green screen” applications, there’s a much better way: Smart TE!

Advancements in functionality

StayLinked SmartTE can easily update your terminal applications to have a brand new GUI (graphical user interface). This new, modern look for your applications will increase your application’s:
-and ergonomics.

Your new applications will be touch-enabled, more responsive, and intuitive for any worker familiar with modern smartphone applications.

Intuitive apps mean reduced training required

Since the SmartTE system converts your terminal applications to Android, workers will instantly feel more comfortable using the applications. AbeTech will work with you to create a mock-up of your new screens and we have officially certified StayLinked engineers on staff who are experts in UX design and application development. Once your screens are upgraded, onboarding new employees will be simpler than ever.

With SmartTE screens, scrolling, using tab to switch between screens, and the need to use a keyboard are all removed. Trust us, these changes will be welcomed by employees across your company. We’ve found that new users are much more likely to adopt and accept systems that are familiar to them and resemble current technology.

Improve accuracy and efficiency of operations

Shorter training for your employees will save time and money, but it won’t be a one-time cost-savings: switching to SmartTE applications will save you money every day! Updated applications require fewer keystrokes per action and thus significantly increase worker productivity. While they may only save a second or two at a time, when actions are done repeatedly, this can add up to significant time savings and increase your workers’ efficiency.

Don’t get left behind!

Now is the time to leave your old “green screens” in the past where they belong. AbeTech and our certified StayLinked engineers want to update your mobile applications and provide your workers with an experience worthy of the 21st century. Contact AbeTech today to get started.

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