AIDC Basics: What is a Premium Integrator

Have you ever purchased an electronic device from a retailer and the sales person tells you you’re all set, only to arrive home and find many basic functions are not working? Sure, you can make a call or open apps, but connecting to your email account, syncing your music library or finding your old contacts simply isn’t working. It can be a huge inconvenience not to have your tools set up properly from the beginning!

Many companies approach an enterprise hardware purchase the same way they treat this type of consumer-grade purchase. They buy their hardware from an online retailer, get the device in the mail and think they are all set… until they run into software incompatibility, issues with user permissions or even conflicts with internal IT requirements.

Luckily, there is a way to avoid these pitfalls: working with a premium integrator for your scanning, labeling and enterprise hardware needs.

Make wasted time a thing of the past

The issues described above can lead to end-users spending countless hours, days and even months just getting devices working. Even when they do get set up, the workarounds required have negative impacts on productivity, efficiency and security. Remember: the clock is ticking on your device warranties as soon as they are purchased, not once you get them up and running!

You can avoid these challenges by purchasing your enterprise hardware from a premium integrator, like AbeTech.

How is a premium integrator different?

A premium integrator takes the legwork and guesswork out of buying enterprise hardware for your operations. For long-term success, you want a partner who:  
∙ Completes a thorough analysis identifying your needs.
∙ Integrates a solution derived from vast knowledge and experience.
∙ Packages products and services that are custom tailored to specifically fit your users and operations (effective at the onset and for the future).

Our industry connections, valued partners and 25+ years of experience means we can run demo units in the real-world scenarios in which you will be using your devices. This way, you can be sure you are truly all set before your final order is placed. We’ve trekked this path numerous times with Fortune 500 companies and are always open to new partnerships.

If you’re tired of wasting time and energy selecting, configuring and trouble-shooting devices, reach out to AbeTech. We are your premium integrator for your automation and data capture needs. 

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