Accurate outdoor inventory with wireless bar code scanners

When you’re working in a steel yard, it’s important to keep an accurate count of product on hand. Knowing exactly where everything is and how much of it there is, is much easier when you do a regular inventory. But as all yard workers know, products kept outside and exposed to the elements, are difficult to keep tagged for long periods of time. Plus the process of recording everything first then downloading the information later takes up time and can be forgotten when other time sensitive operations intrude on tracking product.

Whether you’re driving through in your truck or walking the yard, it’s nice to have equipment that can be used in a variety of ways. Using a scanner to keep track of inventory is one such method. You need a handheld scanner that can scan product tags that are far away or damaged/faded as a result of being outdoors. It also needs to be a rugged device that can withstand the rough environment of a steel mill. Instant and wireless data transmission and cordless operation keeps the steel product count running smoothly.

Is your company in need of new scanning equipment? AbeTech has a line of products designed specifically for work done outdoors. For instance, the Zebra LS3500 series handheld scanners give you a wide working range. It scans bar codes up to 45 feet away or bar codes that have been exposed to the elements in a steel yard. Its Bluetooth capability allows for instantaneous product accuracy. For more information on this or other products from AbeTech, contact us. We’ll help your company find the right equipment for your needs.

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