AbeTech Presents Common Hope Charity Golf Tournament

AbeTech Presents…
Common Hope Charity Golf Tournament
Seven years ago, AbeTech founded a charity golf tournament with Common Hope; a visionary organization that brings healthcare, education, and housing to underprivileged communities throughout Guatemala.
On Monday, August 1st, individuals and business leaders will gather together for an awesome day of golf and fun. The day is made even more rewarding because proceeds go to support the Common Hope mission and vision of service to the poor and underserved. Join us for a truly wonderful day filled with magical fun for a meaningful cause.
The Common Hope Vision…
Common Hope promotes hope and opportunity in Guatemala; helping children, families, and communities get access to quality education, health care, and housing. The organization was founded by Dave and Betty Huebsch in 1986; the two founders left their life in Minnesota to create opportunities for the people of Guatemala.
Today, the organization is truly making a difference, according to the organization, “Common Hope serves more that 11,000 impoverished children and adults in 26 communities outside of Antigua and Guatemala City.”
AbeTech is truly proud to partner with Common Hope, and to help raise awareness and funds for their cause.
A Truly Rewarding Partnership…
When AbeTech learned about Common Hope’s vision and mission in 2009, we knew it was the perfect fit, an we couldn’t wait to create a lasting relationship with the organization. Since that time, AbeTech has been inspired by the organization’s work, and we are excited and honored to join in the Common Hope mission.
Here at AbeTech, our goal is not just to be a stellar resource for our clients, and a powerful asset to our partners; but also to use our skills and expertise to provide real, valuable support to those who need it most.  
That’s why we’re so excited about the Common Hope Golf Tournament. The event is a huge asset to the Common Hope cause, and most importantly, promises big fun to all involved.
Join us at the 7th Annual Common Hope Golf Tournament, a truly unique and rewarding event!

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