AbeTech Enterprise Mobile Health Assessment


Have you had your annual physical yet? In warehouse management and data collection, checkups are important too. And in this field, the symptoms aren’t always as obvious as a high blood pressure or a sore throat!

That’s why we’ve created the Enterprise Mobile Health Assessment: our list of questions to make sure every part of your connected enterprise is in tip-top shape.


Have you reviewed your password or lockdown policy?
It’s always a good idea to review your password or lockdown policy frequently as device features and network technologies modernize. AbeTech can recommend best-practice network settings and language for your policy.

How are you addressing file side encryption of devices on your network?
For maximum security, data going to and from the devices on your network should be encrypted. AbeTech provides best-of-breed third-party software solutions to protect you and your clients’ valuable data while also keeping your network secure.


How often are you devices connecting to your network?
Dropped or spotty network connections can lead to worker downtime and reduce productivity. For maximum efficiency, AbeTech can show you when and where your devices are losing connection.

Can you keep tabs on where your devices are located?
There are many options when it comes to mobile device management, but you want a solution that is fully integrated with all your work systems and processes. AbeTech can provide a solution with one central dashboard for information on all your mobile devices.


When was the last time your firmware was updated?
Keeping your wireless hardware firmware up to date is essential to the performance and security of your network. AbeTech can recommend the latest updates and even push updates remotely through the cloud.

Do you have a list of devices connected to your network?
Knowing the devices that are connected to your network can provide benefits beyond just increased security. With a detailed asset list, AbeTech can help you better allocate network bandwidth and even discover creative new ways to leverage mobile assets for increased productivity.

Device UI

Do your mobile devices offer an intuitive, consistent user interface?
The way a user interacts with your apps has a direct and immediate impact on worker efficiency. In fact, AbeTech modernized apps have increased worker efficiency by up to 30%.

Are your apps branded to fit your corporate identity?
Device UI plays an important role in protecting the brand reputation you work so hard to maintain. AbeTech’s in-house engineers can soft-brand your app so they match your corporate identity.


Are your work processes optimized for efficiency?
Productivity reports and quotas can only do so much to increase worker efficiency. With 25 years’ experience helping improve operations in a variety of verticals, AbeTech can offer suggestions process improvements and automation.

Do you have a standardized and consistent approach to mobile device management?
Smart companies don’t simply upgrade their mobile devices or network infrastructure, they also plan for the future by supporting their hardware investment with scalable software featuring advanced analytics tracking capabilities. Big data is here! Take advantage of your company’s analytics with a mobile device management solution and guidance from AbeTech.

Mobile Device Strategy

Have you identified devices that are nearing End of Life or End of Support?
Your mobile devices may still be functional, but if they are End of Life or End of Support, you will be missing out on important firmware upgrades and potential security updates. AbeTech will make sure you are always up-to-date and have a mobile device upgrade plan for the future.

How do you install and upgrade apps on the devices on your network?
Making sure all your apps are up-to-date across all the devices on your network can be a daunting task. AbeTech can provide solutions to your provisioning needs and even push updates remotely through the cloud.

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