A Cost-Saving Way to Upgrade Your Barcode Printers


This year has proven to be tough for many businesses, and there’s uncertainty ahead as the economy restarts and we work through the challenges of getting back to work while minimizing the risks of COVID-19.

Despite the uncertainty, there are a couple of things that businesses can count on.

One is that productivity and efficiency will be more important than ever as business resumes. Many companies will be trying to minimize costs while meeting resumed or increased demand, and they’ll need to lean on automation, tracking, and streamlined workflows as much as possible.

This will be critical as companies look to catch up on lost business or maximize opportunities that emerged during the COVID-19 outbreak. Moreover, automated tracking will be a key way to keep production, goods, shipments, and deliveries moving, especially with reduced staffing or virus countermeasures that require social distancing within the workplace.

The other thing businesses can count on is that there are ways to improve workflow automation and tracking without spending unnecessary dollars.

One way to do this is with the GO Zebra Trade-in Program from our barcoding, mobile computing, and RFID technology partners at Zebra.

Zebra’s program offers savings of up to $550 per device when you upgrade your legacy barcode printers to the latest high-efficiency solutions for barcoding and RFID.

GO Zebra allows you to trade in any qualifying printer, including non-Zebra products, and get rebates to help significantly lower your new hardware costs. It’s also a great way to put the advantages of Zebra’s next-generation barcode printers to work for your business to achieve better visibility, tracking, and efficiency when it’s needed most.

Here’s a quick rundown of Zebra’s latest barcode printers and how they can benefit your identification and tracking workflows.

ZT600 Series Industrial Printers

Zebra’s flagship label printers, the ZT600 Series, are built for high-volume to mid-volume industrial barcode and RFID printing applications.

They’re easy to use, easy to manage, and feature expanded wired and wireless connection capabilities and a future-proof design that enables future upgrades in the field, such as installing RFID, a label cutter, or a label rewinder.

They’re also built with an all-metal frame and components for best-in-class durability in even the harshest environments.

ZD600 Series Desktop Printers

Zebra’s ZD600 Series desktop printers deliver maximum print quality, efficiency, and manageability for lower-volume applications.

They’re available in both direct thermal and thermal transfer models with a three-button interface and five LED status icons, or an optional 10-button interface with color LCD display that makes setup, configuration, and maintenance as easy as possible.

The ZD600 Series also features comprehensive connectivity so you can connect to your existing wired or wireless network or directly to any PC.

ZQ600 Series Mobile Printers

Zebra’s ZQ600 Series mobile printers deliver advanced technology and an innovative and portable design that drives productivity and ease of use to new levels. The ZQ600 offers the industry’s only wake-up-over-Wi-Fi feature, which delivers instant availability for workers.

Advanced Power Smart Print technology ensures that the exact amount of required power is delivered for the highest quality printing, and Zebra’s PowerPrecision+ technology helps deliver longer battery life and statistics that make it easy to identify aging batteries before they affect productivity.

The ZQ600 Series also features 802.11ac Wi-Fi and the latest security protocols for the fastest and most dependable wireless connection inside the four walls.

To learn more about Zebra’s latest printers, how they can help you boost productivity and efficiency, and how much you can save with the GO Zebra program, contact our team at AbeTech for a quick consultation.

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