5 Reasons to Optimize with Mobile Devices

Businesses have gone mobile, a long cry from their beginnings with paper systems. Today’s businesses demand speed and accuracy paper based models cannot provide. Businesses still using paper based systems find themselves stuck with issues like inaccurate orders, low inventories, delayed deliveries and low customer satisfaction.

Mobile devices are a solution to these issues, and bring more benefits than you may expect.

Benefits of modern mobility technology

AbeTech has found our clients move to mobile devices with the following motivations:

  • Growing customer demands

  • Quick response to competition

  • Expansion to new locations

  • Need for resourcefulness, or doing more with less

In answering these needs, retail, warehouse and field workers gain the following benefits:

1. Increased productivity. When your workforce has the ability to cut the cord and move throughout your warehouse, retail store, or jobsite freely, they get more done in a shorter amount of time. Mobile devices end up saving you money because you can get more work done with less.

2. Accelerated business speeds. The use of mobile technology has made administrative tasks like sorting and replying to emails, printing spreadsheets and keeping records faster and more efficient, giving workers more time to focus on more important tasks like building relationships with managers and customers alike.

3. Robust customization. The use of enhanced mobile devices has empowered field reps to take on tasks they have never done before, like determine which strategies could work for specific stores. From the data accessed through their mobile devices, reps can make presentations that can help managers see the kind of customers they have and what can be done to tailor-fit theirs services for their customers.

4. Higher performance. Through the mobile devices provided for them, field reps can view dashboards and access data regarding their performance. This then serves as a feedback loop that motivates reps to do better. When they see how they are performing against the criteria, they are encouraged to make better progress and achieve their goals.

5. Greater visibility. By using mobile devices, field reps can collect and store pertinent information, eliminating what is known as the “black hole” of the sales cycle, or what happens to products after they have been received at the store and before they are bought by customers. This information, which includes shelving, display and item price, among others, can help the store managers make smarter decisions about their products and their selling strategies.

What are you waiting for?

In the warehouse or in the field, set your workers free with mobile devices from AbeTech. We have experts in mobile device hardware from manufacturers like Honeywell, Zebra and Datalogic. Reach out to AbeTech today to experience the freedom and productivity an updated mobile workforce can bring.

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